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What is Urbit?

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About Urbit

What is Urbit?

Urbit is a new software platform that enables you to be part of a private peer-to-peer network of personal servers.

It is a clean slate way of existing online that aims to bring about the internet experience we were promised:
Free, Peer-to-Peer, and Private.

Why use Urbit?

Urbit solves the biggest problems facing internet users: lack of privacy, spam, and having to keep track of countless user accounts across platforms.

Urbit allows you to own and run your own personal server, which means you get to keep all your digital life away from the Mega Corporations that don't respect your privacy.

Who uses Urbit?

Urbit allows you to host and bring together any type of community, from keeping in touch with family and friends, to building large communities around a shared interest.

Urbit is already home to many thriving online communities of humans built around all sorts of interests; there are communities of crypto experts, DAOs, writers, academics, outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, artists and many more.

How do I get on Urbit?

You'll need two things: a personal server running the Urbit Operating System and an Urbit ID to identify yourself within the Urbit network.

Nodestead is both an Urbit ID issuer and Urbit OS hosting provider, which means we're here to make it easy to get both, for both regular and power users.

You can learn more from the official Urbit docs.

What is an Urbit ID?

An Urbit ID is a unique number that is used to identify your personal server within the Urbit global network.

From that unique number, Urbit generates a pronounceable username (e.g. ~docmyr-walnel) and a unique sigil

Urbit IDs are distributed and owned as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. They are also referred to as a "planets" or "ships".

Urbit IDs are scarce and also described as digital land.

Where can I learn more?

You can consult Urbit's official website.

You should also check out these great intro videos:

What is Urbit?


Welcome To Urbit.

Urbit is open source and MIT licensed, so you can check out the source code itself if you'd like.

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